1)Disjunctive question
1. Nobody was there, were they?
2. Kids are at home, aren’t they?
3. I have played tennis, haven’t I?
4. An didn’t come, did she?
5. She visited her grandparents, didn’t she?
2)Alternative question
1. Is your mother blond or brunette?
2. Is Nice in the shop or in the supermarket?
3. Are Kate or Molly there??
4. Do you love or do you hate him?
5. Are these books new or old?
3)Special question
1. Where is my phone?
2. What does he do?
3. What kind of city is Yerevan?
4. How much is it?
5. When did she arrive?
4)General question
1. Is your phone black?
2. Are you in Rome?
3. Is she a student?
4. Is Mary a modest person?
5. Is the ticket cheap?


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