Internet is a great invention. It has changed the lives of nearly all people on our planet. Many things have become easier and can be done from the comfort of your own home. For example, people nowadays can order a takeaway food, they can buy clothes online, and they can even work online.
Internet is a global world network, which has united people from different countries and of different backgrounds. Thanks to this network, we can chat with friends, meet new people and connect to our distant relatives via video calls.
It is very important to have devoted friends in our modern life because each of us has some problems in life and friends can always help you to overcome these difficulties. Some people prefer to have friends from real world; others consider that friends from the virtual world are better. But I agree with those people who think that friends from real world are much better.
At the age of 14, I first signed up on instagram. I collected followers, posted pictures, well, like everyone else does.
But I was afraid to meet followers in real life. I was little, I think. Well, two years later, I began to communicate in social networks again. Аnd this year I met people who became part of my life.
Each of them live in different places. We met by a chance. I did a challenge in which all my followers had to put my picture on their avatar. So I opened the chat where everyone was there... Now our company turns 3 months. Every month we celebrate and do not regret finding each other. I think how wrong I was when I said that it’s impossible to find friends on the Internet!

We will always be together. I love us very much. And I can confidently say that they are real friends!!


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